[Video] Very strange wavy(shader?) bug on device but not on emulator where gameobjects meet


I recently upgraded my project from unity 5.6.0f1 to 5.6.3f1.

In 5.6.0f1 the game worked and looked perfect. After the upgrade I received a few errors see below, but I fixed those by changing from single pass to multi pass.
alt text

I’m not sure if the above errors are relevant to the actual issue I have, but I left them as a reference.

The issue I’m having in 5.6.3.f1 is a strange distortion/wavy effect where gameobjects seem to overlap. I’m guessing its a shader issue, but it only happens on some gameobjects but not others even though they have the same shader. You can see the issue occurring in the below video, on the Colossuses shorts(double sided shader), the mountains and rocks/ground (1sided vetex lit) have the same odd behaviour. The other gameobjects that are not effected also have the same shaders which is what makes it so odd…
Please note the negative effect is increased with distance.

I’d appreciate any guidance or help on how to remove the weird wavy distortion.

Thank you

EDIT So it turns out it WAS NOT a z-axis issue, or at least the solution I originally believed would fix this problem(two camers 1 for depth) was not the case.
The best way to fix this problem on DaydreamVR is to change the depth format to 24-bit this can be don’t in the player settings under the daydream vr specifics.


I found that solution from “unityinhance” here - https://forum.unity.com/threads/best-practice-project-settings-for-daydream.438598/

-----------OLD EDIT-----

Turns out it was a near clipping issue on the z axis