VideoChat plugin documentation

Hi everyone,
I'm Matthieu a French student who actually is in internship in Canada.

I'm here because I've a problem, in fact my tutor asked me to work on a Video conference system with Unity3D, he bought "VideoChat" plugin on the asset store, but I cannot find any documentations on this..
If someone can share me tutorials or any documentation who can help me to understand how to use the plugin it's would help me a lot.

I hope I've posted on the good section.

Hi Matthieu,

You should contact the asset store package developer/publisher with questions specific to an asset store package. In this particular case it seems that the package contains a "VideoChat-Unity3DDocumentation.pdf" file. Have you looked in that?


Hi Rasmus,

Yes I've already look at the pdf.. But it doesn't really help me, this is to "generic" and I'm not a pro in C# and unity in general so..

I think I will have to join them then..

Bye !