VideoClip Importer not showing up in inspector in Unity 5.6

Using Unity 5.6, I can access the new Video Player component/object, but when I import a video file (and I’ve tried .mov, .mp4, m4v, and webm), the VideoClip Importer doesn’t show up in the inspector. I’ve tried importing through the menu system and through good old drag 'n drop, but neither brings up the importer - I just have a blank inspector. Anyone know what’s going on?

I fixed the problem by dragging the video to some other folder rather than streaming asset folder… And the inspector started showing properties…Once the video was inside the project …i dragged it in to streaming asset.

Note: i tried this before by copying it in asset folder directly but that didnt work… Key was to copy it in some other subfolder.

This is weird (but it IS an alpha, so…). Thanks for the answer!

Is this the intended behaviour? Because it’s still happening in Unity 2022.19