VideoPlayer external file playback on Linux builds

I’m using 2017.4.7f1 for project purposes. I’m trying to play video files in a built projector on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The documentation states that for imported VideoClips, they need to be transcoded so they will become (presumably) WebM. Ok - understood that MP4 doesn’t work on Linux. All works fine, except when using the dwm window manager, and our projector just hangs after the splash screen. The projector works fine in Ubuntu’s default window manager… hmm.

Trying to find a workaround, I externalised all the video assets. I adapted VideoPlayer to use “URL” as the Source, and my code to set .url instead of .clip. I’ve tested it on Mac using .mp4 and it all functions perfectly.

So now to get it working on Linux. I re-encoded the videos to .webm and tweaked my code to load the appropriate .webm instead of .mp4

It doesn’t play.

I’m starting to believe VideoPlayer has very poor support on Linux platform. Does anyone out there have actual real-world experience of successfully having a VideoPlayer load an external video file on a Linux build?


.webm can play on Linux, you need to decode .webm detail with vp8 and vorbis format