VideoPlayer from URL has extremely low frame rate in iOS

We need to render a video from URL onto a textured plane using a VideoPlayer object. Here’s our code:

public class CustomVideoPlayer : MonoBehaviour
public MeshRenderer video_renderer;

private VideoPlayer player_;

private String video_url = "";

public void Start()
    player_ = new GameObject().AddComponent<VideoPlayer>();
    player_.playOnAwake = false;
    player_.url = video_url;
    player_.renderMode = VideoRenderMode.MaterialOverride;
    player_.targetMaterialRenderer = video_renderer;
    player_.targetMaterialProperty = "_MainTex";
    player_.skipOnDrop = true;
    player_.isLooping = true;
    player_.audioOutputMode = VideoAudioOutputMode.None;
    player_.sendFrameReadyEvents = true;


If we use a local video file it plays perfectly, but using the URL drops the frame rate to about 3 fps. However, that URL plays fine in my browser. Any suggestions on how to get the URL to play smoothly in Unity?

Hi, @adam_omnivor
Did you find a solution to this? I’m currently experiencing the same problem.
Playing a 720p 30 second video from a URL on a button press. In the Editor it will play the first few seconds fine but then slow down to about 3 fps.

Hey @adam_omnivor, we have something similar, but what I have noticed is some videos do NOT lose frame rate, while a few do. They are all the same size, same format, etc. I’m still hunting it down, but thought it might help you. I don’t think it is a Unity “core” issue, but possibly an encoding issue.