VideoPlayer last frame remains visible


I'm trying to implement the new VideoPlayer into my project, however i'm currently running into a problem.

One of the videos is using the Material Override Renderer mode, the video plays fine however once the video ends the last frame stays visible.

This is what the code looks like now.

public VideoPlayer vp;
public VideoClip vc;

    private void Start () {
        EventManager.StartListening(EventTypes.PLAY_FILM_PROJECTOR, OnFilmScreenPlay);
        EventManager.StartListening(EventTypes.STOP_FILM_PROJECTOR, OnFilmScreenStop);
        vp.loopPointReached += OnMovieEnded;

    private void OnDestroy() {
        EventManager.StopListening(EventTypes.PLAY_FILM_PROJECTOR, OnFilmScreenPlay);
        EventManager.StopListening(EventTypes.STOP_FILM_PROJECTOR, OnFilmScreenStop);

        vp.loopPointReached -= OnMovieEnded;

    private void OnFilmScreenPlay(object[] arg0) {

    private void OnFilmScreenStop(object[] arg0) {

    private void StopMovie() {

    private void PlayMovie() {
        if(vp.clip == null)
            vp.clip = vc;


    private void OnMovieEnded(VideoPlayer source) {
        if(vp == source)

Basicly once i receive the Play event the video will play. Once the video is finished the Stop event is triggered and the video is stopped using vp.Stop();

Things i've tried so far to solve the issue:

  • Assign new Material
  • Set clip to null
  • Set frame to 0

Has anyone ran into a similar issue?

@DecoyStudios Did you solve this?

I Have the same problem

I Have the same problem

I too have this problem, mainly on Android.

i''m facing same problem