Videos not working on the Unity Forums

Hello all! I have a bit of an odd problem and I want to see if anyone has the same thing or has devised a solution.

Recently, without warning, videos stopped working for me in all of the categories of the Unity Community. Now, I have read some posts and questions about the videos not appearing at all, but none of the address what seems to be my problem.

You see, the videos posted act like pictures where nothing happens when clicked or moused over. When right clicked, the option box appears on the far right top of the window, not where the mouse is pointing.

Everything else works fine for me (links, pictures, ect.) so if anyone knows anything more about this bug, I would greatly appreciate it if you shared your knowledge.


In that case I would just reinstall the latest version of chrome.
Reinstalling a browser shouldn’t take long at all and you can always export data like bookmarks before you remove it.
Also first try watching the videos on the forum before installing any new addons to chrome.