View ID AllocatedID: X not found error.

So the problem I’ve got is that one of the functions in my script keeps giving me the View ID AllocatedID: 0 not found during lookup. Strange behaviour may occur error.

The thing is all the other RPC functions in that same code works as a charm. But this one doesn’t. The problem occurred when I wanted to take my gameobject with the script and move it out of its hierarchy (So I can use don’tDestroyOnLoad). I copied the script by right clicking the cog and copy Component, then made a new GO put a networkView on it (got allocated id 11) and put the script on it once again. When playing like 15 different functions gets called, but it’s only one of them giving me the freaking error. This has to be a bug in Unity cause it keeps trying to send the RPC to ID: 0 (which was the old) instead of 11, like all the other functions in the same script does.

I hope someone out there can help me with this issue, otherwise I’ll have to use the backup I have and try to work around it which sucks -.-

Best Regards

Went back to old backup and rewrote a lot of work, the problem above is no longer there for me.