Viewing Class variables in inspector?

Im not sure how to word this question so this is what i want…lol

in the inspector i want to be able to click the ‘Audio’ parameter and display the audio varibles in a drop down environment in the inspector.

Example (Inspector view):

  1. *Audio

(Click Audio parameter) - Shows

  • Music
  • SFX
  • Background Noise
  • List item

(Click SFX)

(SFX parameters here)

Im using c# for the code


Nevermind… this is the Answer. lol Every time i ask a question I solve it 10 Seconds later on my own.

public class PlayerScript : MonoBehaviour {
	public List<AudioClass> Audio;
	public class AudioClass{
		public AudioClip[] SFX;
		public AudioClip[] Music;
		public AudioClip[] BackgroundNoise;