Viewpport for Custom Editor

Hello, how might one mimic something like the level editors viewport in a custom editor window. However, the user would not be viewing the level, but perhaps a prefab with different components like renderers, animation, particles, etc?

I’ve seen people ask for how to create a preview window. This is not really what I mean. Some kind of window that you could edit the object you are seeing.

I would greatly appreciate anyone who could point me to some literature or maybe some code examples. I really want to learn how this would work, if it is possible.

If I had to do it I would render the scene (i.e. prefabs, paticles, whatnot) into a RenderTexture and then simply display that Texture on a custom window. After that you just need to add all mouse interaction to your custom window. So yeah, read about RenderTexture, EditorWindow classes and OnGUI method. I hope that gives you a good start.