Violation of Usage of Android Advertising ID policy

Our app has been pulled three times off the google play store recently for Violation of Usage of Android Advertising ID policy.

I tried adding to the xml manifest:

And can confirm during packing it is being included.

I tried removing Advertisement, Analytics, and In App Purchase packages from the project.

Some people are saying because of recent metrics Unity started tracking themselves you have to have a user agreement becauase what they track will flag your app. Has anyone else had this same issue recently.

Hi @shadowsaint669

It is a compulsion from Google Play Store to provide a valid privacy policy for your app. What you need to do is to host the privacy policy in a valid public URL (Simplest Solution I think), and provide a button in your app for this link. Also Update this link in the Play Store console → Store presence → Store listing → Privacy Policy.

Hope it solves the problem.