virtual joysticks only detect one axis?

hello, i’ve been attempting to move my games to unity and export them to android. the mobile joysticks seam like they would be wonderful but i don’t think i’m using them correctly. i will walk through how i try to use them.

1: I import the standard assets (mobile) files and then put “dual joysticks” into the scene and parent them to my main object. the joysticks don’t show up so i have to add “dual touchpads” and then delete that same “dual touchpads” and the joysticks appear in the game.

is it normal to have to do that?

2: i have to put their pixel inset at X200 and Y-500 just to get the joysticks to be within the game window (the transform positions are all 0 btw). in some tutorials i saw, the joysticks when at 0,0 where at the bottom left corner of the screen. but mine start way out of view.

is there some obvious property i’m not noticing that is causing this?

3: and finally when i build the game for android everything seems to go ok, but then when i touch the virtual joystick it goes all the way down. so my joysticks only pickup the left-right movement and are continually jammed down.

please tell me if you have any thoughts regarding this matter. thank you for your time. ^^

I’d suggest downloading and going through the Penelope tutorial. It shows you how to make joysticks from scratch and works well on Android.

thank you very much, i hadn’t seen that tutorial yet =)