Virtual Pet Game

Hey all, I have been thinking about making a virtual pet game for a while. I am a begginer, I know NOTHING about code, but I do know how the game will work. First, you create a new save file, and customise your cat (The cat is the pet in my game). You can change the breed, name it and change it’s gender. Then, the cat will be created. There will be three bars, showing your pet’s health, play, and wash. These things will be on a timer, and the bars will go down over time. If so, you will have to do what the bar says (for example, if the play bar goes down, you will have to play with your pet). If the bar goes down below a certain value, your pet will be sad, sick and might die. You will also be able to save directly from a button somewhere on the screen. The game will hopefully be exported to Android, and updated over time using a patcher that I found on the asset store.

As I said, I don’t know ANY coding, so if you know any tutorials on virtual pet games, please tell me!


Thanks, Fredex8! I did find a character customization tutorial, and I will probably find one for the rest of the things. Someone showed me one for saving, so I think I’ll watch those tutoriels later! :slight_smile: