Virtual Reality Toolkit


What tool-kits for virtual reality development can you recommend me ?
I’m using VRTK, but i want to know if there are another tool-kits, or if there are better tool-kits.
What i’m looking for is something that i can be compatible with multiple vr devices.

VRTK can work with multiple device such as Vive and Oculas. Frequently Asked Questions

SteamVR also works with multiple devices and can set up controllers for Vive, Index, Oculus, and more Quickstart | SteamVR Unity Plugin

You can use Unity’s built in XR tool kit designed for streamlining development on multiple devices Unity - Manual: XR along with other plugins such as OpenXR Steam :: SteamVR :: Transitioning To OpenXR

And their are paid tools like the VR Interaction Framework VR Framework

Finding the right one for you will take a little homework and maybe some trial and error.