Virtual Texturing 2020.1a15

Hello! I found this in release note of a15:

"Graphics: Add support for Virtual Texturing to the Editor and Player"

So there is many question about this.
But firstly - how is it working, I mean - just enable in package manager? or I need to do additional work? Is it working on mobile platforms? And how it works with Texture Streaming - together, separately or independently?

Thanks in advance!

I'd probably assume it's something that only comes with HDRP as an additional feature, just like raytracing is.

any demo for this ? maybe can start to make open world~

5281890--529464--vt.jpg Can not know how to use virtual Texture ...and sparse texture support on mac book?

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Doesn't look like it, it looks like a proper unmanaged-side feature with a proper managed API.


Yes, we are actively working on introducing Virtual Texturing to Unity. APIs, workflows, etc. are all being worked on at the moment and we are not ready to communicate on this yet.


... why not give a schedule roadmap to the new feature? every feature is preview or still working ,let developper waiting and waiting ,i think it is not good ,guy! Can u learn from the unreal engine? every new feature their introduced,will soon get in the new beta version, like this virtual texture.

Because they aren't ready to communicate on things that are very very early development. In other words, people are disappointed when things change.

Honestly? people need to start looking at what is available today. If it is not here today, do not plan for it in your project - at all. If everyone looked at judging if Unity is suitable from LTS, it would be a perfect situation I think :)

Why am I even online right now? because I am a nerd.

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What does virtual texturing mean?

Texture streaming. You can use more high res textures without flooding the vram.

Most likely an implementation of this tech:


Granite looks like an amazing SDK. Supporting 262,144 x 262,144 texture resolutions is an incredible accomplishment.

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but still no example to see

I just noticed that comment on the release notes and rushed to test this from HDRP's WIP virtual texturing branch on github. Had to change bunch of things to make it run on 2020.1.0a18 and I got it to a point where it's not throwing any errors and I get this on console when I open the project: "Scriptable renderpipeline VT enabled" but there's obviously some required tooling missing.

I don't see any new menu entries anywhere to author or conf virtual texturing (as was done with Granite for Unity). I see the checkbox to enable VT, I've enabled virtualtexturing package and added the ENABLE_VIRTUALTEXTURES to player to enable the feat but there's some key things still missing :)

As for what this will be for, I wouldn't expect built-in renderer to support VT at all but looking at SRP github, they seem to be implementing VT support for both URP and HDRP.

And as for roadmap, this WAS told to be coming during 2020 on Unite Copenhagen's roadmap talk:

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2020 ,is one year time,so can not know when will vt comes~

This should give the insight that Unity wasn't certain how long it'll take to get it published other than it'll happen through 2020 cycle. Having VT API implemented on editor and player already does give impression we might see first previews of VT this spring or summer.

If Unity could give more exact dates on this, I'm sure they would but there can be tons of things that affect when this can and will be published to us. Staff comment from december was clear: they are not ready to give more info at that point and it's not even been a month since that comment.

so ,unity is draw so many big cakes for developper to wait for one year over one year ,like ecs??ECS still not can build for ios.

I think this is the wrong place to take issue, This is actually an exiting new feature thats on the way, and I'm really looking forward to it.

In this thread your feedback may be better placed.

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Agreed feedback there is also welcome. I've thread banned dreamerflyer for being way off topic. This isn't an ECS whine thread.

If a feature isn't available yet, it doesn't give you the right to bring unrelated issues into other threads.

I hope this supports terrain. We are making a top down game and it would allow us to move away from splat maps. Instead using one big handcrafted texture.