Visbility keyframes in animation


My animation has been adding visibility key frames in his animations for when a character pulls an item out of his pocket for example. (He makes it visible at the frame the object is pulled out, and makes it invisible at the frame it is put back in) He then exports his animations as fbx files.

These visibility curves don't seem to make it to Unity. Does Unity not support it or am I doing something wrong? I'm currently toggling visibility in code, but this doesn't seem to be optimal.


Unity imports bone animations. If you can animate some special behaviour in your modeling program like hideing some parts, i don't belive that even get's exported to fbx. You can of course use AnimationEvents to trigger the toggle.

With an editor script there's also a way to extract the anim file from the fbx imported model, so it can be edited with unitys built in animation editor. There you could add a curve to enable/disable the renderer of your weapon.