Visibility toggle is absolutely broken and useless


Since ugprading to Unity 2021, toggling visibility on objects will 8 times out of 10 freeze the editor for 15 minutes.


What is this ridiculous feature?

Hmm, must be something else at play as well .. i use the toggle alot and never experienced this...

Though, that window ... 'Hold on... busy" is a disease in unity. I managed to squelch most of the life out of it by disabling auto refresh and directory monitoring. It may help you as well.


What is the purpose of these two features? Does this mean I would need to manually compile et refresh the project when I change something?

Basically, you just hit ctrl + r to resresh and recompile 'when you want to', not whenever unity feels like it.

Check if the behavior is the same...

  • ...for other objects in that scene
  • ...for other scenes
  • a brand-new project

This should help to figure out what the problem is. I could believe that there's a component that's going haywire when hidden or shown.


Here's what we noticed in a standalone profiler when the Application.Tick is showing up:

Observation: Looks like we were able to toggle visibility at will if the object we want to affect is not selected. Note that closing the inspector didn't help, and there was no components on the objects other than the built-in ones (renderer, meshfilter, etc.)

Does this happen to all objects, or just certain kinds of objects? See if it happens to some completely empty GameObjects, for example.

I noticed ProBuilder in there. I've been having my own weird problems with it, so I would check if it only happens if a ProBuilder object is being shown/hidden.

Thanks for the help. Yeah pro builder is installed in the project but there is no pro builder objects in the scene.

We have tried the following:

  • Empty GameObject: Working as intended.
  • Added Mesh Renderer to the object: Still no bug.
  • Assign any material to the mesh renderer: Bug happens.
  • Disable Mesh Renderer component with material assigned on it: bug still happens.

So it seems like it’s related to the mesh renderer and its material.

Oh, and the object must be selected for the bug to happen. Clicking on the little eye on an object that is not selected will not cause the bug.

Hey so I know I'm about 11 months late to this thread, but I can once again reaffirm that "toggle visibility" does not currently and has never previously worked for me in my project running on 2022.3.8f1. So that's cool.