Visible bullets using raycast

ok, i’m trying to make a weapon that shoots plasma or something like that( I dont know how to call it) like Link Gun from unreal tournament. So the problem is that i’m using a raycast that works perfectly with a normal gun, because you cannot see the bullet. But in this case, the weapon is a kind of futuristic weapon, so i need a visible bullet. I was using rigidbody physics, with a rigidbody attached to sphere and a variable for the bullet speed but the bullets doesn’t collide. so the question is, how to make visible bullets using raycast?


This is not all that simple. First check this:

a) Was your bullet set up correctly to collide? Check this by setting your bullet speed WAAAAY down and see if it collides. If it still doesent collide, check bullet collision settings.

If it does, that means your bullet is moving 2 fast for default physics collision detection system. You can try setting collision type to continuous collision detection or use something like this Here is a post that even links a script.

yes I set the speed to 1 and it collides