Vision OS 1.0 out of beta - compatibility with latest polyspatial

Hello everyone,

Has anyone tested yet 0.7.1 with Vision OS 1.0 (consumer version)?

We are also very keen to know if we can upgrade to the latest OS release and still have everything work. We are seeing major hand tracking issues on beta 7 and would like to know if those are addressed in the 1.0 release. The hand tracking issues are blocking for us.

cc @mfuad, @mtschoen, and @IsaacsUnity visibility.

We have not been brave enough to update either :slight_smile: Can anyone on the Unity side confirm this is supported?

We don’t see any apparent problems. Hand tracking seems to be working fine for us, also with beta 7.

One issue is that the 1.0 release no longer includes TestFlight. For me, the App Store is unavailable (possibly because my account is registered outside the US), and so I’m unable to install it.

If after upgrading you want to downgrade to the earlier Beta, you can use Apple Configurator on a Mac connected via the developer USB port to install the earlier OS image, downloadable from Sign In - Apple.

Thanks for flagging this! We’re in the midst of testing on our end as well and will have a release in the coming weeks. Do refer to our latest announcement for the full context. Thank you!