VisionOS App Crashes on Start on Device (On TestFlight)

We’ve built a visionOS app that was being rejected by Apple for crashing on start.

We tried the development build and the loader scene method approach discussed in this thread and some improvements occurred (previous errors & faults were solved)
IN-66702: fully immersive app crashes when loading into scene with visual scripting objects

But still cannot get the app to run without crashing the first time it is opened on device from an internal TestFlight.

Here is a video of our teammate with the device sharing logs.

Does any one have any ideas?

Hi there! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Your post is in the Mixed Reality section of the forum, but you linked to a thread with suggestions for fixing crashes in a Virtual Reality app. From your the video you shared, it’s not clear to me if your app is configured for MR (with passthrough) or VR (Metal rendering, no passthrough).

My suggestion about a lightweight loading scene is only applicable to VR, where your app can get killed by the OS if it takes >2sec to render a frame. This is not an issue in MR, since your app isn’t doing the rendering.

The Execution of the command buffer... warning your seeing is benign. I don’t think it would be relevant to why your app is crashing. Can you please submit a bug report with a project that reproduces the issue? If you aren’t able to share your whole project, any project that crashes the same way will help us figure out what’s going wrong. Without being able to reproduce the issue on our end, there’s not much we can do to help. If you are having trouble with the upload process (uploading large projects through the bug reporter can be quite slow…) feel free to use Google Drive or some other secure file sharing service. You can include a link to the Google Drive download in the bug report, or send it to me or another Unity employee on DM.