visionOS Release Notes Beta 0.4.3

Fully Immersive App PSL3.4 runs in sim but shows black screen on device. (Posting here b/c we are unable to add a new topic to Discussions.)

We are at the Apple Lab today and our Fully immersive VR App runs in the simulator but not on device. The VR app launches to a full black environment. We get our launch sound, moving the head allows the custom gaze cursor to activate button objects in the world (fully black instead of our rendering). and we can move the Loading Window out of the way.

Using Unity PSL 4.3 template, downgraded to Unity 2023.3.9, removed PolySpatial packages as in another thread, device seed 4 21N5259k. Build Settings / XR Plugin Management / Apple Vision OS Fully Immersive Space. We followed the setup in this thread and it runs on the simulator.

Anyone else able to run fully immersive apps on device with PSL 4.3 ? We just have 1/2 day left here. It would be great to see it on device.

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