visionOS Release Notes Beta 0.4.3

Frequently I have had to complete the following steps to regain access in the UPM in my project:

  • Close Project
  • Logout of Unity Hub
  • go to
  • Click profile picture in top right, click “My Account”
  • Click “My Account” on the left
  • Click “My Seats”
  • Scroll to Activation at the bottom
  • Remove all AppleVisionOSBeta activations
  • Log in with the Unity Hub again, and reopen project

Just check to see if it still says you don’t have access under the various package descriptions

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@AdamSanche Thanks, this worked for us. In case it helps someone it appears that opening a project while off-line triggers a warning that our Apple Vision Pro License will work but will expire in 28 days. Instead, opening a project offline deactivates our AVP license.

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