visionOS Release Notes Beta 0.6.3

We have published a new release (0.6.3) which includes:

  • Fix for UIGUI components crash when Raycast Target enabled.
  • Add shader graph dependencies of resources in build, including a simple test scene that loads a prefab resource by name that references a shader graph.
  • Explicitly present the dimensions of output volume configurations based on beta user feedback.
  • Fix crash if UI with Raycast Target enabled intersects Collider. Originally reported here.
  • Fix particle and trail meshes that persisted beyond their GameObject being set inactive.
  • Fix visionOS colliders offset on the z-axis when center property is set. Originally reported here.
  • Update offset for VolumeToWorld transform. This addresses an issue originally reported here.
  • Fix crash caused by intersecting colliders. Originally reported here.
  • Fix for multiple instances of the same property in subgraph. Originally reported here.
  • ​​Add a special case for swizzling a float from a float. Originally reported here.
  • Fix a bug with custom interpolators by respecting default values for custom interpolators. Originally reported here.
  • Show warnings for unsupported nodes connected to subgraph outputs. Originally reported here.
  • Fix for shader graph inputs connected directly to outputs. Originally reported here.
  • Use vertex node variants to transform nodes in subgraphs. Originally reported here.
  • Fix the display of pink materials during scene transitions.
  • Fix single compile error for Xcode 15.1 beta 3. It appears that the particle SpawnOccasion value was removed.
  • Added instructions for upgrading/downgrading Play to Device Host app on TestFlight.

Please reference the Changelog for full details on the changes. For additional information please visit the General Release Notes.

For those who are testing on devices at Apple’s developer labs or via a developer kit, you should only be using the following updated configuration.

  • Apple Silicon Mac for development
  • Unity 2022 LTS (2022.3.11f1 and higher)
  • Xcode 15.1 beta 1
    • The Xcode 15 Release Candidate will not work
  • visionOS beta 5 and beta 6 SDK

To learn more about Unity’s visionOS beta program, please refer to this post. These release notes apply to the suite of packages released as part of Unity’s visionOS beta program:

  • com.unity.polyspatial (0.6.3)
  • com.unity.xr.visionos (0.6.3)
  • com.unity.polyspatial.visionos (0.6.3)
  • com.unity.polyspatial.xr (0.6.3)

Additional notes related to the 0.6.3 release:

  • Built-in Render Pipeline Unlit and Lit Particle shaders are currently not supported.
  • While using the Play to Device app and connecting to scenes, the host app may freeze up even after exiting playmode in the editor. You may need to force quit the simulator if it becomes unresponsive.
  • Play to Device app crashes when closing and reopening host app during active connection.
  • For bounded content, in Play to Device, you may see two copies of the scene in game view with PtD connected.
  • In the Play to Device and the Simulator, you may experience dark lighting, which should go away if you restart or change environments.
  • Currently, the Play to Device app only gets a 1m^3 volume camera for both bounded and unbounded Scenes.
  • Particle System particles scale based on dimensions of a Bounded Volume Camera.
  • MaterialX conversion warnings appear when adding PolySpatial packages.
  • PolySpatial Samples do not change “Import” to “Reimport” when imported.
  • Bake to mesh particle materials with an assigned base map texture render as diagonal pink squares in the Play to Device host app. Reassigning the texture at runtime is a workaround.

What’s the best way to disable the XR Simulation for VR builds on device? Essentially, the XR Simulation wall and floor (and mesh) covers the playable world around the player blocking access to our VR build. Building to device seems to ignore the custom XR Simulation Environment that I cloned.

First posted about cloning XR Simulation Environment here: visionOS Release Notes Beta 0.6.2 - #21 by xeomara

Hi, wen trying to update to 0.6.3 I am getting this message:

It is mandatory to use Unity pro from now own? (I have a Apple VissionOS Beta licence from before)

Hey Nico. Yes, you’ll need a Pro, Enterprise or Industry subscription to access the visionOS beta program.

If you’re eligible and on Unity Personal or Unity Plus and you wish to access the visionOS beta program, feel free to get started with a free 30-day Unity Pro trial.

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Will we need Unity Pro to test workflows to the Vision Pro when visionOS is out of beta?