VisionOS Unity Input Field and other UI elements

Is TMP or Unity UI supposed to work in VisionOS?

Are people implementing their own UI stack completely for VisionOS Unity Input Field and other UI elements?

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Are people using MRTK UI prefabs for VisionOS?

Is TMP or Unity UI supposed to work in VisionOS?

Yes to both.

Is there something in particular you are trying to do that isn’t working, or was that just a general query?

Input Field does not seem to work (?)

No at this time Input Fields do not work in visionOS. While they are on the radar I have no eta for this.

Well they work. But they don’t show the keyboard :joy: This finally made us go for native SwiftUI instead. Which was unfortunate, but we want to jump onto the visionOS bandwaggon as soon as possible.

It’s strange, sometimes the keyboard pops up when i select a field and sometimes it doesn’t when I’m on the device and launch the app, if I eye tap, it usually pops up

We have found that it does work regularly now… BUT… it doesn’t always appear where you might expect. If you select an input field and you don’t see the keyboard… look around. It may be off to the side or behind you. Not sure what location (maybe the canvas or parent of the canvas) is being used, but more often than not, for us it spawns slightly behind you. Taking one step back allows you to see it. (but other times is off to the side or something.)

Yes, it should popup the keyboard reliably, but it generally seemed to pop up the keyboard at the bottom front of the volume, so if you are zoomed into the volume, or above it, then you won’t see it. I think this behavior should be better on device, the simulator isn’t as fancy where it decides to put it. If it’s still an issue on device report back here. Can ping Apple about finding some way to control its placement better.

My feedback above is all related to device(s). Not sure what the simulator looks like.

are these TMP input fields or regular Unity UI inputs?