VisionOSHoverEffect on UI Element

I created a Button with rounded corners with UI/Default shader and AlphaClip (which is then transformed MaskingShader apparently). The problem is that in highlighted state the rounded corners are lost. I believe it has something to do with how hover is handled in Polyspatial runtime, but do you have any idea how to fix it?

Currently, I believe the only way around this would be to use geometry that matches the rounded shape of the button. We replace the UI/Default shader with the MaskingShader, as you note, and the MaskingShader doesn’t use alpha clipping. We are working on a way to allow you to replace the shaders on UI elements, which will allow you to use a custom shader (such as a modified version of MaskingShader) that enables alpha clipping.

We’ve also provided feedback to Apple that the HoverEffectComponent is visible even with 100% transparency, and that seems like something they might fix on their end. It might help convince them if you were to report this as well through their Feedback Assistant.

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