Instance of UnityEngine.XR.VisionOS.VisionOSLoader couldn’t be created because there is no script with that name.

Updated Unity to 2022.3.28 for the support of visionOS Xcode builds (on Windows), but can’t check the Apple visionOS box in XR Plug-in Management. Throws the above error.

The VisionOSLoader script is there in an asset but I’m not sure what’s calling it. Error is in an editor update func. All associated packages are ver 1.23 & XR Plugin Management package is 4.4.1, the latest I could find. A Unity person on the forum said the release of 4.5.0 was imminent back in March but entering that ver failed.

Note this is not MR-specific but I couldn’t create a new topic in the general visionOS section.

Thanks for any pointers!