Visual Artefacts

I’ve been wondering for a while if this is an issue I can do anything about, when watching visuals of this animation. There is some fairly obvious blurring and the effect of almost previous frames being left behind. Is this purely a trick of the eye when the frame rate is so high, or is this an issue that can actually be fixed?

Attached is a small game that should hopefully demonstrate it. It’s most obvious on the ball.

The attachment was too large, here’s a link to it on dropbox:

This is something that is common for fast moving objects in games. The issue is a visual trick of the eye because of the screens refreshrate, the games framerate and somewhat the colors and contrasts. The game engine itself is not adding any blur effect to the objects. I tested your build on two different screens and got two different types of “blurs”. The effect is also gone if the game gets paused or screencapped. Search any other type of classic pong or breakout game and you will see the same effect.

There is unfortunately nothing (not much at least) that can be done to fix this other than changing how the game plays (speed) or looks (colors).