Visual Effect Graph: Point Cloud with Color

Hello! I am trying to use Visual Effect Graph to make some point-cloud style visuals.

This is what I want to achieve: point cloud with its colors!

I can get this colored point cloud with the MaskFace PointCacheAsset from the official sample project:

I want to use other models and I downloaded a beatiful 3D scanned obj file ( “More Model Information” says that it contains vertex color) from this site. (picture attached in comments below)

I imported this obj file into Unity, and used pCache Tool to generate a pCache file. Below are my settings:

When I directly replace MaskFace PointCacheAsset with the PointCacheAsset I just generated, there is no color on it! The points are all white. (picture attached in comments below)

I was wondering if I did something wrong or I misunderstood something. It would so great if anyone could help! Thank you!


I opened the .obj file with Notepad. There is color information.

Please see Imgur

I also opened the .pcache file generated with pCache Tool. And I found that the colors become 1,1,1,1 or 0,0,0,0 or even 0.99999…

I tried several different settings in pCache Tool but no good.

I got a reseponse from the forum thread.

Yes my .obj file seems to be a custom one. I think it does have vertex color because I can see the color information when I open it with Notepad. I can also see its colors in MeshLab.

However Unity can’t import vertex color from obj files.

I export the obj in dae format with MeshLab. And Unity can import the colors from the dae!

I used pCache Tool to convert this mesh to a pcache file. With this pcache I can display the colors on the point cloud now!