Visual Effect Particles not showing except for some particular area

Hi all, I’m facing a weird problem for past few days and is unable to resolve it.

I have attached Visual Effect Graph particles to my player so that when it jumps then particles follow it.
But particles suddenly disappears once my player is out of a certain zone. I have highlighted the are by red pen in the below SS

As you can see in the Scene view there are those particles but they are not visible in the Game view as you can see in the preview. These are only visible when are in the red box.

When I switch my camera to “Perspective” then they are visible. I though might be z-axis is changing for either particles or for my camera but is not.

I’m attaching two more SS below to show you how they suddenly disappears. I toggled off 2D view for scene view to see if somehow anything is wrong with Z-Axis but nothing seems to be wrong.

Scene 1: Particles are visible when is in that particular are( I showed using red pen in 1st SS)

I’m not able to attach the 3rd SS but particles disappears when I slightly shifts my camera upwards.

While I can only guess how to fix it. The first thought that comes to mind is either try to move the camera further back or change the option that allows things to render closer to the camera

I have figured the issue. My setting in the Visual Graph for “Bound Mode” in the Initialize Node was set to Recorded. I changed it to “Automatic” and now everything is working as expected.