Visual Effects Graphs won't open, get stuck in infinite compilation loop when subgraphed.

I'm having a weird issue I can't fix where the editor won't let me open any of my visual effects graphs after I've added them as a sub-graph of another graph... has anyone experienced this before? Suggestions on how I might fix this so I can continue working on my project's vfx? Thanks in advance.

Already tried:

  • Duplicating the vfx graph and removing the old one, it fixes it til I re-add it as a subgraph then it breaks again.
  • Reimporting all sub graphs and the main graph.
  • Remaking the vfx graph that uses the broken ones as sub graphs.
  • Restarting Unity/my PC.
  • Reinstalling VFX graph package.
  • Looking for the problem in the Unity Editor logs.

More info:

  • Unity version: 2021.1.12f1

  • Universal Render Pipeline version: 11.0.0

  • Visual Effects Graph version: 11.0.0

  • Editor Log


Going to report a bug when I get a chanced to make a stripped down project.

I'm currently experiencing the same thing. Is there a link to a ticket? I can't find anything else on it. I saw your post on it here with a solution:

Folder structure doesnt seem to change anything on my end. I have about a dozen vfx assets in the same folder and I cant do any kind of nesting.