"Visual Scripting" 3D planet with gravity and controls with Up. "Solved"

Ok I can walk jump all around the 3D planet “But!!!” at the pole my player dont know where to face “Up is Up ,this works” but passing over the pole the player will turn 180 to face the pole, so besides building a big tree or something to prevent the player from passing over the north pole or south pole if you use 1 or -1 for up but please help.
“Solved Needed Parenting and cinamachine”
Detailed YouTube Video - YouTube


  1. So i thank it has something to do with the rotation going past 360 and 0.
    Any other Ideas?
  2. I have tried This in C# Not Just Visual Scripting
  3. When i try the examples on YouTube and Forums the same problem is there and it dose not look like there is a solution?
  4. Followed This Guide: Mario Galaxy Unique Planet Gravity | UnityTutorial - YouTube