Visual Scripting Graph Not Firing When Test Played In Unity

Hello, I was hoping somebody may be able to help. I am not a complete novice to Unity but I am when it comes to Visual Scripting - Bolt. I am currently trying to make a very simple graph that makes a cube rotate in Unity after watching a tutorial online.

  • The graph component has been added
  • I have edited the graph - On Start then > ( transform.rotate, relative to )

I have meddled with various forms of ‘transform’ but nothing appears to be firing or happening.

When I come to test/play the scene the graph doesn’t fire ( can’t see the green node/arrow pulsing through it ) and nothing is happening in the scene. Any helpful pointers, are very welcome. Even if it is me being a newb to visual scrupting daft!

I was following this tutorial -

Thank you community!
Screenshot 2023-09-15 at 16.02.00

Fixed the issue. I had mistakenly assigned the script to the On Start event when I should have been On Update. Which allows the ths code to work every second. This remedied it pretty quickly after checking online what I had done wrong.

Hope this helps somebody else new to visual scripting.
Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 18.02.53