Visual scripting once node on all scenes

Hi, I feel like this is a question that should be easy to find an answer to yet I can’t find any…

What I want to do is that by using visual scripting or bolt to use the “once” node in a scene, then be able to leave that scene, but if i come back the flag for the once node should still be valid so if i decide to go back to that scene the once node will trigger the “after” branch

[edit] it the flow macro i uses this in are used in several places, i want each to be unique and act as an ordinary once node

thanks for any answer or insight you can provide

i have now found a dirty workaround by creating my own nodes that communicate with the game’s game manager, from here i can access a dictionary to see which once nodes i have been in. only drawback i can see is that i need to manually create a unique id tag for each node