Visual Studio 2015 Autocorrect/Intellisense

Am I wrong to expect Visual Studio to autocorrect to Unity classes and terms like Mondevelop did? I really want to start using VS as my editor for Unity, but it’s a dealbreaker not having VS be able to autocorrect to Unity stuff.

IE - in Mono if you type “this.gam” and autocorrect dropdown will popup allowing you to autocomplete it to “this.gameObject”

In VS, it doesn’t have that or any Unity related terms. Why not?

I installed the VS Tools for Unity about 10-15 times now, creating project backups, purging the project folder of any VS files and trying to recreate them.

Nothing works. What am I missing just to get Visual Studio to be able to autocomplete with Unity?

Using Unity 5.3.1

While i personally use 2013 version, i must say that every version i had it has autocomplete (if i remember well my first or second version was 2005), as for gameObject although i use it without this, but as for me it works well (and it don’t matter if it base system or unity/another third party framework), but from what i remember sometimes it could get somewhat bugged in previous versions, or maybe there is something wrong in configuration VS so try to search options in VS/project settings.
ps. Since you didn’t say but i assume that it’s build without problem, but if i’m wrong than check if you are using right package.
ps2. Personally i don’t use (or installed) VS Tools for Unity, since to be truthful i don’t see what it’s add to VS which isn’t here (although where i had more completed version of game i would love to have a debug points in VS).