Visual Studio 2017 and Unity 2019 not communicating?

Hi! So, I just completed my first tutorial project: Roll a ball. I would like to now continue on from the finished version from the tutorial and make it a bit my own. My preferred editor is Visual Studio 2017 due to college courses. When I try to use the ctrl+’ shortcut to bring up the unity databases it won’t connect, and Visual Studio won’t allow me (as far as I can tell) to add the references, and I wouldn’t know the URL anyways. Any help, or even links to a similar question that I could use would be much appreciated, thank you!

Not quite sure what you’re asking and I probably have no idea what I am talking about but I hate when I don’t get an answer to my question so I’ll give it a shot.
Maybe go Edit>Preferences>External Tools>External Script Editor
I’m not sure if that is what you are asking or if that will solve the problem, but some help is better than none even if it is useless.