Visual Studio 2017 (CE) Intellisense missing information (descriptive text), how to turn it on?

Well, maybe the Answers section is more the correct place to ask this vs the forum. See my corresponding forum post.

Basically, my Intellisense only seems to be half working. It does give class / method suggestions with the model implementation string, but it never shows the text descriptions underneath which would be very helpful. (e.g., the description of the overloads available to transform.Translate(). I see the 6 syntax examples but not the text blurb from the manual.)

The images in this old post are exactly what I’m talking about:
A 2016 dated post with screenshots demonstrating the same behavior in VS2015

( No responses there.)

Your help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

edit: same behavior with VS2019 community after installing VS2019 Tools for Unity.

This behavior is no longer happening after upgrade to 2019.1.4f1 .