Visual studio auto- complete when used with unity

I have installed “visual studio 2013 tools for unity” in my computer and i set visual studio 2013 as my default IDE for unity instead of monodevelop, but when i open a new javascript script and i try to type some code in javascript the editor doesn’t auto- complete the code, it seems like he don’t recognize the unity classes and a this warning message appear : “intellisense was unable to determine an accurate completion list for this expression javascript”.
Also i imported the visual studio 2013 tools packages to my project without success.

I hope someone can help me, cuz i really need to use visual studio to write javascript and c# script for ynity 3d.

Visual Studio won’t help you writing in Unity Script (it has nothing to do with the JavaScript that’s VS is used to). It will only help you writing your code in C#. It handles C# pretty good by the way (even without Visual Studio Tools for Unity)

If you want to write in UnityScript - write in MonoDevelop. If C# - Visual Studio is your friend.