Visual Studio (C#) Missing Package Files

Whenever I start a new project I get a slew of errors of the type:

Severity	Code	Description	Project	File	Line	Suppression State 
Error	CS2001	Source file 'C:\Users\swift\New Unity Project\Packages\com.unity.textmeshpro\Scripts\Runtime\TMP_UpdateManager.cs' could not be found.	Unity.TextMeshPro C:\Users\swift\New Unity Project\CSC	1	Active

You can replace TMP_UpdateManager.cs with just about anything imaginable and it will tell me I don’t have it.
I’ve tried repairing the Unity Installation however it doesn’t appear that there is an easy way to handle uninstallation so I have not done a clean reinstall yet.

Please help!

try this:

update your visual studio or what ever code rditor you have to the latest version available