Visual Studio *Code* is not Autocompleting

Hi, thanks for passing by. I’ve been having problems with Visual Studio Code, and couldn’t find any help about it because Visual Studio overshadows Code on search engines.

Code is not autocompleting nothing. As seen in the image below, GameObject is not being suggested. The same thing happens to keywords like Time, Transform or GetComponent, making it hard to do anything.

In the process of unsuccessfully trying to solve this, I reinstalled Code, following the step-by-step instructions given here. Then, I installed the .NET Core SDK, and restarted my PC. At last, I installed the .NET Framework 4.6 Targeting Pack. All unity and c# extensions were already installed after the process.

Any idea on how could I solve this?

Hi @DevFalc

Did you installed all necessarily extension?

Here is the screenshot of extensions that I’m using (Remote - WSL is for personal purpose, you don’t need it)

If you already have all this extensions and IntellIsens still doesn’t understand what is Unity please check the output. Hit this little button (see screenshot)

Press that button and check the Output. There can be 2 scenarios:

  1. OmniSharp server timeout. Took to long to start. | Solution: Just restart your VSCode.

  2. Your unity project Target Framework trying to use, let’s say .net framework 4.5 but you have installed only 4.6. | Solution: create a new project that will automaticaly target your installed framework OR you can manualy (every time you start the project!) change the in Assembly-CSharp.csproj of your project.

Hey, that button you highlighted saved my life, thank you very much!