visual studio dont work

Hi Guys. So trying ti install unity 5.6.0f3 and at the very beginning i am getting a msg: VisualStudioIntallChecker.exe has stopped working. And it says : Visual studio Install Checker return unexpected value (255). Then when installing Unity there is no option to check for visual studio. after installation scripts open i mono. I have installed separately VS community 2017 and in unity preferences have changed IDE to VS but then after opening script vs is saying it cant load the script. Any ideas? Thx.

Ok Guys. So i found the solution for this. First i have to mension i was trying to install unity5.6 on the fresh system (windows) without previous versions of unity or VS.
Here is what i did:
Instal unity 5.3 - this one have no problems with also installing VS 2015. ( if u check the box)
And then after install unity 5.6 and VS 2017. This time with previous version of unity installed on ur machine and VS it will go nice and smooth.

After instalation i have uninstaled VS 2015 and unity 5.3 and new unity and VS 2017 works perfect.
Looks like Unity 5.6 with VS 2017 missing some files that can be placed earlier by previous versions.
SOLVED :wink: