Visual Studio Error

When I try to open a script with visual studio 2015 from unity, it gives me this error in the visual studio app:
One or more projects in the solution were not loaded correctly.
When I click accept, it opens the script, but inmediatley freezes, it also opens the output window, which says:
C:\Users\Name\Desktop\project\Assembly-CSharp.csproj : error : Project ‘Assembly-CSharp’ could not be opened because the Visual C# 2015 compile…
I can’t read more, because it’s frozen, so I can’t scroll.
Please help me.

You may need to reinstall Visual Studio completely.

You can try;

  • Removing any *.csproj and *.sln file from …\Desktop\project\ folder and go to Unity, Assets → Open C# Project and try to open again

  • You can try to run Visual Studio as Administrator account

  • Check editor.log if any plugin caused any error.

If all these fail, best option is reinstalling Visual Studio or just use Mono Develop.