Visual Studio for Mac External Drive Sharing Violation

So here is my troubleshooting from building a fresh project with one script

  • Ever since upgrading Unity with built in VS instead of MonoDev I’ve had this problem:

  • Unity project lives on external USB drive and VS states “Sharing Violation /obj/debug/script.pdb”
    Or sometimes says build error with no explanation.

  • Game still runs on old version of script

  • Tried deleting .csproj and .sln to hopefully refresh

  • tried deleting all debug folder for a refresh

  • tried creating debug2 folder and point VS to it.

-I can open script in plain text editor and add/remove to my heart’s desire

  • If I transfer the project from External Drive to Main Drive on Laptop VS works as it should no problem.
  • I can open and edit proj in Unity & VS from External Drive no problem on Windows PC

I’m getting the same problem. Working on mac with a external exFAT drive.
If I transfer the project to the Main Drive, it works, but I need to work on the external drive.
¿Any solutions?