Visual Studio Intellisense stops working

I’m having a problem with Intellisense in Visual Studio. It works fine, until I create a new class. When editing the new class in Visual Studio, there is no Intellisense for any of the Unity namespace(s). The only workaround I’ve found is to re-install Unity, and then Intellisense works…until I create another class. Anyone had this problem?

I’m using Visual Studio 2017.

Ive run into the same issue. Easiest way around this I’ve found is to create all classes inside visual studio.

Yeah, I have this too. It kind of sucks if you have to create all of your scripts in VS. Adding a new script directly to a gameobject is nice and part of my regular workflow…

If this happens, I don’t think you need to reinstall Unity though. Instead, just close VS and then, in your project folder, just delete all of the VS files (.csproj, .sln, etc.). Then re-open VS and you’ll have code hints back.

Just Unload and reload project in VS, It should work