Visual Studio not working correctly with Unity

I’m very new to Unity so bare with me.

It seems like Visual Studio isn’t working as intended with Unity for me. When I double-click on a script, VS opens up just fine, but

  • I’m supposed to be able to see a “Attach to Unity” button in the middle of the VS dashboard, but there’s only the “Attach…” button.
  • There isn’t a Build context menu (you know File, Edit, View) which I’m supposed to see.
  • In the Unity context menus Assets → Import Package there’s supposed to be a Import Visual Studio option, but there’s nothing.

This may seem minor, but it’s really hard to find errors if I can’t build and debug my game. I have tried reinstalling both VS and Unity but it doesn’t work. What’s going on?

If you have Xamarin on your system, the most current version of Xamarin is blocking attachment to the debugger. Removing it for me allowed the debugger to attach again. The VSTU team is aware of it and working on a fix. :slight_smile: