Visual Studio script changes are not understood by Unity

When working with Visual Studio, I quite frequently have an issue where the recent changes I made to a script are not applied in Unity.

Thus, Unity is running a previous version of my script, one that I saved before and not the latest saved script.
This can be quite frustrating because I’m never really sure if Unity is using the current version of the script I see in Visual Studio or if it’s using a version of the same script that I previously saved.

Rebuilding the solution or saving several times does not fix the problem, I must add a Debug.Log(“Is this the last version of the script?”); to know that it’s updated for sure. Most of the time adding a line of code works to fix the issue.

Is there something I can do to have Unity and Visual Studio sync up properly?

PS: I’m using Visual Studio 2015.

I have this problem since last update. I try reinstalling unity, Vs, and more trys, but only fix when I unistalled MYSQL for Visual studio.

If you edit script with other editor, like notepad++ changes are applied fine.
If you have MySQL for Visual Studio and uninstall and fix your problem, please confirm, im not sure if was that the solution but works for me.