Visual Studio script documentation shortcut?

Hi, I am just relearning Unity after taking a couple of years off. Currently I am going through the tutorials again.

It seems that highlighting a command (such as instantiate) and using Ctrl+’ shortcut to open the scripting documentation in my web browser does not work in my version of Visual Studio.

I am running Visual Studio Community 2015 and Unity 5.3.4f1

Is there a new shortcut to easily open the documentation?
Do I have to create a new shortcut in VS under Options - Environment - Keyboard? If so, how?
Or am I missing something basic?

Appreciate the help.


I know this is late, but ran into this myself, and found this - and found a way to do this.

You can use CTRL+ALT+M, then CTRL H - this will open the API for the particular highlighted element.

Alternatively, you may go under Debug->Environment->Keyboard, then look for the command on the right, labeled “Help.UnityAPIReference”. This will allow you to assign an easier to remember shortcut.

Hope this helps anyone else who uses VS as the code editor for Unity.

In MacOSX, you highly a keyword (eg Vector3 or MonoBehaviour or GetComponentsInChildren) and then hit <CMD '>, ie hold cmd and then hit apostrophe. But I don’t know the Windows equivalent.

While the shortcut cmd + ' was set in my case by default on Visual Studio, it did not work for me. What helped, was deleting the keys binding, setting it again and restarting the visual studio application.

To do this, in application menu bar go to “Visual studio community → Preferences → Key bindings”, search for Unity Api Reference, use the “Delete” button, then set the combination again (or choose a different one) and “Apply”.

After restarting the application, the reference successfully opened for me using the hotkeys.

Does anyone know how to get documentation in visual studios for unity
Example if I put vect it will correct it to Vector3 or whatever.
Does anyone know how to get that Extension.