Visual Studio Setup

I would very much appreciate if someone could briefly describe or point me to a resource on how to setup Visual studio to run as my default scripting program, how to add the required libraries and dll’s so I can use it instead of mono develop.

Mono Develop currently lacks a lot of features that make coding easier, less time consuming and easier to read than more of the advanced IDE’s. I am used to visual studio for the most part so any help would be appreciated.

Its rather simple, just follow this through. You might want to jump directly to step 3 and install the Visual Studio Tools for Unity.

In order to use Visual Studio you need to set it as default editor in Unity’s preferences (I’m assuming you haven’t done this already).

Open your project and go to Edit → Preferences.
Now select External Tools and under External Script Editor you need to select your Visual Studio application.
If you are using the latest Comunity version (2015) then it should be “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\Common7\IDE\devenv.exe”

You need to have the Comunity or any paid version installed in order for the Visual Studio Tools for Unity to work. Set it up and select the Visual Studio Tools dropdown menu in Unity. Click on Generate Project Files and afterwards on Open in Visual Studio.

Hope this helps.