[Visual Studio Tools for Unity]menu does not displayed in menubar

I’m trying to use VSTU. I’ve installed “Visual Studio 2015(Community)”, “Unity 5.3.4(Personal)”, and "
Visual Studio 2015 Tools for Unity". And I also imported “Visual Studio Tools.unitypackage” to my Unity Project.
However, [Visual Studio Tools for Unity] menu doesn’t displayed in menubar. Nevertheless, in Visual Studio, [Attach to Unity] button is displayed.
What should I do to resolve this.
Please help me.

@spi8823 Did you find a solution? I have exactly the same issue…
Everything imported (apparently) properly, it is possible to attach Visual Studio to Unity but no menu options on the top. I also verified in the Help->About and the Visual Studio tools are enabled.
How can I make the menu show up?

Here they say this menu has been removed due to Unity’s native support:

Note: users familiar with VSTU will
notice that the “Visual Studio Tools”
menu in Unity has been removed as it
has now been rendered useless by the
native support. All configuration has
been moved to the Unity settings.

source: https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/8d26236e-4a64-4d64-8486-7df95156aba9/view/Discussions/3