Visual Studio - Unity problems

I use Visual Studio 2013 Express for Desktops as my IDE. I set it in Unity preferences as my IDE instead of monodevelop.

  • However, when I upgraded to Unity 5, when I double click on any script, it always open new instance of Visual Studio, never Only the script in VS instance I already have opened.

  • Also, when I double click on any errors or messages in console it yet again opens other instance of Visual Studio and doesn`t even put me to error/message code line. Do you know where the problem could lie?


Do not use Visual Studio 2013 Express, use Visual Studio 2013 Community.

This is a “full” version of Visual Studio that Microsoft gives out to individual developers, apparently. If you make a ton of money you might want to talk to a lawyer before using it; if you’re a small-time developer you should be okay. (I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice.)

Go into Edit > Preferences > External Tools and change it to Visual Studio 2013. If it’s not an option, say “External Editor” and find devenv.exe.

Seems to work!

Edit: Tutorial

Browse to the Unity.exe file located at “C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor” right click propieties=> compatibility => make sure the “Run this program as an administrator” check box is checked.

Visual Studio 2015 community edition is even better with nice debugging support with all the greatest developer productivity options:

Visual Studio 2015 with Robert Green:

For Mac and Linux users:

I had a minor issue in the past after upgrading to Unity 5.2; so I made backup of the whole project and then deleted all Visual studio and mono develop project and solution files. Unity 5.2 re-created projects files and then everything worked fine afterwards.

I had this problem as well, I believe it was related to upgrading a project to a new version of unity. I resolved it by deleting the .csproj files and the .sln file for the project. Unity just recreated them immediately, and the files correctly opened in the same instance of VS.