Visual Studio?

So I just changed to unity 5.3 and it’s not that bad and I enjoy it, but when I installed it I didn’t get Visual Studio, I’m just so used to Monodevelop, but should I change? is it really different, is it better? is it worse? or should I just skip it?

It’s all a matter of preference. I used VisualStudio since years because MonoDevelop is, well, horrible ^^. However it also depends on the language you’re using. I only use C#. If you use UnityScript you probably get a better language support with MonoDevelop.

Some of my pros and cons:

  • Intellisense / autocomplete works much more reliable in VS than in MonoDev.
  • VisualStudio itself runs much more stable (never had a crash, ever).
  • Some Refactoring features are just broken in MonoDevelop. Sometimes it’s safer to use Search and Replace in MonoDevelop than the renaming feature. In VS i never had any problems renaming classes / variables / methods.

While it is a matter of taste, the visual studio integration these days (especially for c#) is very good. In terms of development, it has the advantage that it is the primary VSI used by c# developers all over the world, so has had a lot of work (and millions and millions of dollars!) put into making it stable and work well.

My personal preference is definitely visual studio, and if you asked me directly I’d say it is ‘better’. But ultimately my advice, especially if you’re using c#, would be to give it a go for a few weeks. Stop using MonoDevelop for a good 2 weeks to give yourself time to adjust to the different VSI, with different shortcuts and see how you feel. If you think you’re saving time by using Visual Studio, stick with it. If not, don’t!

Auto complete and code refactor do all work properly for c# (can’t speak for the other languages). Occasionally I’ve had a bug where I’ve had to close and re-open the project to make it update with an entirely new script, but other than that it’s fully functional. You can also debug with visual studio, but need to download ‘visual studio tools for unity’ (free these days).